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My invitation to you as you journey through Soul Stuff is to take the time to sit down and access your own stuff. The things that you’re afraid to say out loud. In my case, all the things that are simmering below the surface desperately screaming to be manifested were (for me) easily accessed through language, music or art. Your soul stuff may come in a different form than mine did. As I began to journal on a daily basis, it seemed that the words flowed out like poetry.
As you read, make the commitment to journey through your own soul stuff. Do not be encumbered by the packaging of my stuff but, be genuine and authentic to how yours may be manifested. Whether scribbled on a torn receipt or notes in your phone, delve deeper.
 So welcome to it, welcome to all the stuff that was bubbling beneath the surface of this singer, actress, and artist who forgot how to access all of the gloriously, messy, raw, and beautifully unbeautiful soul stuff that was locked within. May it give you permission to unlock yours.


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