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A 2-hour event empowering Christian Creatives to innovate and create. An event for Christian Creatives that empowers & equips believers to embrace their call.


So many believers wrestle to balance their art and their faith. The idea that being a successful poet, painter, musician, actor or producer, means holding their work separate from their faith keeps many creatives locked in constant turmoil.

On the other hand, there are those who struggle with the idea that unless their song, book, stage play or film is not littered with overt spirituality, it cannot glorify God. In both instances, the artist and the art suffers. I’d like to offer you another option, SOUL SEARCH—an event for Christian artists/creatives that empowers, and equips Christian Creatives to embrace their call and keep their creative integrity.

There are many locations that offer an uprising of vocal and present Christian Creatives. Your city is one of them. Bryetta is looking for churches in the below cities that will allow for a Soul Search event to be held. There is no cost to your church as our team will provide you with marketing materials. The cost to travel to your city, the speaker’s fee, and overhead costs are covered by funding we’ve procured. This allows us to charge a nominal door fee of $5 for every attendee.


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