So many believers wrestle to balance their art and their faith. The idea that being a successful poet, painter, musician, actor or producer, means holding their work separate from their faith keeps many creatives locked in constant turmoil. On the other hand, there are those who struggle with the idea that unless their song, book, stage play or film is not littered with overt spirituality, it cannot glorify God. In both instances, the artist and the art suffers. 

Soul Stuff Events are designed to empower and encourage Christian artists/creatives to embrace their call and keep their creative integrity.

How to Host an Event

Is your church interested in hosting a Soul Stuff event?  We’re always looking for churches to partner with us in this capacity.  Read through the information below and fill out the form at the bottom of the page and someone will contact you shortly with more details.

Hosting FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions about what it takes to host an event at your church.

  • Is there a cost to the host church?  –  It all depends on the event, but usually, there is no cost to the host church.  Soul Stuff takes care of all the financial obligations required to bring the event to the area.  Occasionally we ask that the host church cover some of the expenses in that they guarantee selling a set number of tickets to the event, but this is determined on an event by event basis.  By signing up to be a potential host site we would contact you when there is an opportunity to host an event that we feel might be a good fit and any financial responsibilities would be laid out in advance and you can agree to host or pass based on those details.
  • Do you need a certain size church or number of seats to host an event?  –  No, churches of all sizes are needed!  Whether you can seat 200 or 2,000 we can make it work.
  • Do we need a good sound and lighting system to host events?  –  No.  We can use your church’s sound system, but if one is available that meets the event preferred requirements, that’s event better!  Stage lighting always adds to the event experience, but is usually not required.
  • I have additional questions.  Who do I contact?  –  If you have additional questions not addressed here or if you would like clarification on any item please email

Sign Up To Be A Soul Stuff Host Site

If you’re interested in being a potential host church and having actress, singer, and writer Bryetta Calloway come to your conference, event, or church/organization to host an event please fill out the form below.  You will be added to our list and contacted when potential opportunities come up that might be a good fit for your church.  By filling out this form you are under no obligation to host an event.

Reservation Form