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Deuteronomy 20:1 “When you go out to battle against your enemies and see horses and chariots and people more numerous than you, do not be afraid of them; for the LORD your God, who brought you up from the land of Egypt, is with you.”
It can seem overwhelming when you stop to look around you and see the world seemingly screaming in distress. Poverty, war, dissension, and hate appear to have become emboldened to no longer skulk about in the dark corners of the world and rather parade down Main Street of every community covering the globe. As believers, we should feel the pain of this even more acutely because our hearts are called to be the answer to these problems. When I read Lise Bevere’s Girls With Swords so long ago, it was a celebration of the clarion call that I had heard clanging in my heart. I’m sure many had said it before in my earshot, but it was in her words that they seemed to attach to my spirit.

My life has been blessed in that I have traveled and lived all over the world, and this has expanded my views and stretched my heart past sympathy into activity. I have seen families living on street corners, children orphaned by poverty so it extreme it is a shock to the human heart. So in the time I have between singing in recording booths or stages and auditions and meetings I am compelled to be as much of an answer to the needs I see around me as I can. Working with charities and special causes helps me not only give back but empty out of myself all of the hope, grace, and love that is poured into me anew each morning. Don’t be intimidated into being dwarfed and immobilized by the sheer volume of problems that we see around us.
One of the most beautiful stories my mother told me about being asked to “do more” and meet a need is as simple as it is poignant. A member of her church was in the hospital about to have a baby, and as she went with her women’s group to visit her, she noticed that the mom-to-be was shivering in a hospital issued wraparound gown. It bothered her to see this woman sitting in a room bereft of all of the comforts she had during her labor. As she walked through the Base Exchange the next day, she felt the Lord lead her to buy this woman a beautiful robe. As she picked it up, she felt moved to get the slippers that matched. She held the robe and turned away leaving the slippers thinking she had done enough. She couldn’t make it to the checkout before she spun around grabbed the slippers that matched (as well as a beautiful bag and bow) just to silence the internal war of wills going on. You know that battle we know so well, our will versus the will of the Father. At the moment when she saw this new mom cuddling her newborn against a purple chenille covered chest, her slipper covered toes tapping the hospital linoleum in beat to the lullaby she hummed; she realized that she had won two victories that day. The victory of doing more than your comfort would typically allow and offering dignity, comfort and joy in a simple gift bag, how joyous.
We are called to be the voices of peace and love in the world. For some, we are the only Gospel they will ever have contact with, and it is our privilege to stand toe to toe with the battles of this world emboldened and empowered to fight with the power of the Father standing with us and for us. Tell me, how have you answered the call to do more lately?

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