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So many times we struggle with the journey, in which we find ourselves. Longer than we expected, harder than we could have anticipated, and more trying than we could have ever dreamed. There we stand somewhere between here and there desperate to figure out if we have walked too far to turn around and go back. It is possible that we have mistakenly called parts of the journey “faith” when it’s just inevitability. It’s not so much that your trusting God it’s just that you’ve traveled so long, how can you turn back.

Have you ever gone through something so difficult that somewhere in the middle you’re very heart’s desire is to turn, retreat, and skulk back to Egypt? Yes, you have been praying for freedom, a way of escape but, never did you imagine that you would still be journeying toward the promised land after all this time. This, the long way toward blessing, is one that all believers will travel at some point in their walk with Christ. Not a result of misguidance or a result of a misstep but an intentional journey through “process”. Designed to strengthen us to be able to endure and stand, He leads us to long way around.

Difficult, is an understatement, the journey that takes you longer than those you see before you. You’re heart twists and turns in on itself as you watch others, even non-believers (gasp) seem to skip through the transitions of life; collecting successes and triumphs the way one fills a grocery cart, strolling carelessly selecting accomplishments off the shelves of life. There you journey, hand still clenched in that of the Father, afraid to stomp your foot in frustration and point with an accusatory hand at the world and ask, “Why is it so easy for them?” Instead, you plod along, painfully aware of the streaming of time, hoping and praying that your expected reward comes sooner rather than later.

It is along the journey, past the initial blush of escape, past the painstaking trek through faithfulness, that you travel into the land of, “How long, O Lord? Will you forget me forever? How long will you hide your face from me?” (Psalm 13:1) But, there my beloved, is where the blessed transition takes place. It is there you learn steadfastness, true faithfulness, and trust. In the solitary moments of committed following you get to trust Him in ways that transform you from follower to daughter. His love becomes impressed upon your soul in a manner that causes you to carry His walk and touch. Deserts become gardens; valleys become anointed mountaintops because the allure of the Promised land has been replaced by the magnetic pull of God’s presence.

Like the first inhale of oxygen every morning we awake, it is the necessary infilling of life that keeps us moving and breathing. Vital is His presence to us as we tirelessly (or maybe tiredly) continue to walk with the Master. Falling more and more in love with the journey with each passing day. Until you find yourself one day, not in a new place, not in a special place, sometimes in a horrid, awkward, uncomfortable space, smiling with the peace that comes from having learned to love this journey your on. This journey that the Father has trusted you to travel is mostly to help mold us and shape us but, maybe just maybe, the journey is because He, our precious Abba, Father, loves walking with us. Looking fondly on us with the proud eyes of a Father watching His children mature and grow in their walk with Him.

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