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Listen, I get it. The need to explain, hype up, share the news and shout from the rooftops everything you are working on, believing for, praying about, and dreaming of can be a tiny screaming monkey on your back. It’s that often dysfunctional combination of “humblebrag” and “does this compare to what others are doing” that keeps us talking far more than doing.

The art of reserve is one that has been completely lost in our show and tell culture. However, you won’t find me blaming social media, because boy, oh boy does it have it’s usefulness in business, connection, and branding. I will say, that we have become so addicted to telling about our efforts, inspired creations, and brilliant innovations that we have taken the spotlight off of “doing.”

So many times we feel the need to overshare the process because we want others to validate what we’re doing. It’s an easy trap to fall in; God has you out there building an ark and no one’s ever seen rain (love a good Noah reference). God’s given you a book to write and you want to tell anyone and everyone so that they can be the blessed assurance you need to see it through. God’s given you a song to write or a piece to conceive and you sit there in all of your humanity, alarmingly aware of your frailty and lacking and desperately you seek someone, anyone to imbue enough confidence on you to believe what you already know to be true.

God chose YOU for the work that is placed in your heart. And you’re right it probably is a crazy, way-too-big-to-believe kind of dream. (Hint, hint, that’s typically how you know it’s Him!) Resist the need to tell everyone about what a hard worker, hustler, woman about town, leader you are and just do what He has called you to do. In the end, the world will see in due season the finished fruit of your labor.

The best part, by the time you get to the show and tell part of the journey you’ll be so in love with the intimacy of private process between you and the Father, it won’t even matter. Because all you’ll be searching for is a “… ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Enter into the joy of your master!’” Matthew 25:21 soul-stuff.com

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