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I believe that our identity in Christ is critical. It is the reason the enemy is constantly assaulting our God-birthed identity as Bold, Loved, Powerful, Beloved, Daughters of God. Since our life follows our thoughts, I thought I’d start a small little exercise in declaring what I Believe. I love the fact that new converts in Scripture were called Believers long before they were named Christians. It was a stark and clear label to identify these “Renegades” who dared to believe that this was not simply a regurgitation of what had come before. These dare to believe followers of Jesus were the physical manifestation that God was doing a bold and new thing through His Son, Christ Jesus. So, here goes, I’ll start:

I believe that each one of us was custom created for the purpose that God has laid out for us. I believe that the very things we have been called to do are an answer to a problem, lack, or need in the Earth. This is why the enemy of our very souls wants us to be distracted and defeated. The enemy knows that if we were to ever fully step into our purpose that there would be no derailing a full assault on the plans of darkness. I believe the world is waiting, nay crying out, for us to take our rightful places. Because the minute we do, EVERYTHING will change.

If you want to share something you believe, then I would love to add and share your statements to this, what I hope will be, ongoing series.
Love You xoxo

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