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Happy 2017! I have spent the last two days planning + goal setting for 2017. Which I admit is often a bittersweet time for me. I look at everything I want to accomplish for the year and how much has to be done to achieve it and I get a little depressed. How can I accomplish… (you fill in the blank)? Then I remind myself, I don’t have to accomplish ANYTHING. If I can remind myself of nothing else, it is that God has done infinitely more for me in 2016 than I could EVER have imagined. I refuse to let the seeming impossibility of someof my goals give me “spiritual amnesia” forgetting what a GREAT GOD I serve. I will spend several more days, creating monthly strategies + benchmarks + accountability steps but right now in this moment, I embrace 2017 as the year of “fullfillment.” The seeds I sowed in 2015 and watered and tended with diligence in 2016 will come to pass in 2017. How are you spending the first days of the New Year? It’s not too late to sign-up here (http://bit.ly/2ivbYiI) and receive a FREE 2017 Prayer Guide Introduction. Then receive a FREE 2017 Prayer Guide each week in January 2017 which will allow you to join hundreds of other believers, entrepreneurs, and creatives in prayer.

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