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I am so excited to announce the SOUL STUFF – FOOD FOR THE SOUL September Devotional Series. The Renegade Series. This devotional series is for every wild, out-of-the-box, not-quite-right...

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A Moment of Encouragement: Emotions can become so intense and overwhelming that you will feel pulled undertow by the sheer weight of them. Sadness covers you, fear tracks your...

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Have you ever felt the love of the Father? Not just known it, not just sensed it but, actually felt it. Like the comfort of a fleece lined blanket...

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So many times we struggle with the journey, in which we find ourselves. Longer than we expected, harder than we could have anticipated, and more trying than we could...

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When the skies over your life split open, and chaos seems to rain out of the heavens, your soul feels soaked through and through. Like damp denim clinging to...

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  Listen, I get it. The need to explain, hype up, share the news and shout from the rooftops everything you are working on, believing for, praying about, and...

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